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YMCA Building

The Feast – Sistrunk

“The Feast,” a multi-use venue that caters to the local food system solves multiple problems in the community of Sistrunk, Florida. 

Our multi-use venue is the opportunity to showcase the best of Sistrunk’s history and culture while satisfying two vital needs in Sistrunk. It provides access to healthy, local, sustainably produced, and delicious food, along with economic development and empowerment.

How it Works

The kitchen is open 24 hours a day and is being targeted towards food truck operators, caterers, and bakers. It has been designed to take social distance measures into account and contains significant rentable storage, both cold and dry.

The equipment list has been designed to be as versatile as possible with a focus on the above-mentioned industries.

For years, Rachel has been silently taking relentless action in creating her vision for the worlds sustainability and nourishment. As an investment banker by profession myself, I would trust Rachel to steer this ship and maximize results any day of the week.

Gino Piompino


The Feast Sistrunk Floor Plan

We believe that food is the great connector.

The food hall has been divided into ten booths ranging in size from 89-134 sq.ft. Kiosk rental includes all of the following:

    • Retail space on Sistrunk Blvd.
    • Utilities, internet, and common area maintenance
    • A page on The Feast – Sistrunk website
    • Professional marketing
    • Small business mentorship and consulting
    • Combined buying power

    Rachel is brilliant, conscious and driven. I have watched this project from the beginning as an idea stemming from not only all the work she has done in her life in the area of food service, food activist, Chef, but also from a passionate place in her heart to help others and bring quality in to neighborhoods. I have been extremely impressed watching each step and how easy she made it seem to pull all moving parts together. This funding is the last piece of not only Rachel’s dream but all others who Rachel was inspired to offer a place in the neighborhoods Food Hub.

    Daryl Gimbel

    In the News!

    The Feast – Sistrunk on The Circle

    🚨 Welcome to The Circle: LIVE with Niki Lopez!!! Guest: Rachel Shapiro

    • Principal Paradigm Shifter at Integrous Health Solutions
    • Vice-Chair of the Florida Food Policy Council
    • Founder of The Feast – Sistrunk. We will be chatting with Rachel Shapiro about culinary arts, food justice, and the Food Hub on Sistrunk

    Rachel was there when I gave a talk to inspire the creation of a Florida Food Policy Council, and she grabbed the energy of the room and helped lead it to become a big and well-organized advocate for education and change! She is strong and positive and believes we can create a better future with a little work and spirit.

    Art Friedrich

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